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May 16th, 2019, 1:07 am


Figure 4.1 US&S T-21 Switch Machine - Courtesy LIRR Figure 4.14 Electrical Locking on a Manual Switch on a Low Profile Electric Lock - Courtesy LIRR Figure 4.15 Alstom 9B Electric Lock High Stand in Context in a Lab Setting - Courtesy METRA 9. Switch Machine Replacement - Tasman Drive and Patrick Henry Drive: • Replace existing manual switch machines with Alstom Model 5F switch machines • Install new signalshelter equipment and wiring ove retired equipment and return to , rem VTA • Test and cutover signal system 10. Signal Improvements - Santa Teresa Station -Switch 3000LP (Low Profile) is a hydraulically actuated, trailable switch machine which can be controlled through several options, including local Pushbutton, DTMF / UHF /VHF Radios, and also Central Office Radio Networks. Should manual operation be necessary, a built in hand pump allows personnel to operate the machine. By selecting Alstom for your parts supplies you have the choice from over 600 000 references. It also gives you access to a powerful distribution network of logistics experts from around the world. To support you in your daily operations, Alstom provides : IMPORTANT: These Standards are only to be used for Caltrain authorized projects. For all other projects/uses, please email Caltrain Engineering at engineeringstandards@samtrans.com and include why your use of the Standards is required and your contact information. IMPORTANT: The Engineering Standards (Design Criteria, Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications) are currently being updated. If access is needed to the 2011 Standards, please email Caltrain Engineering at engineeringstandards@samtrans.com and include why the Standards are required and your contact information. hand machine can be converted to a right hand machine, and vice versa, by following the instructions found in the manufacturer's manual. Picture: A Model 5F power-operated switch machine with dual controls for power and manual operation. Detailed Opera

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